Ready Player One

To clan or not to clan, that is the question. As usual some random thoughts that may or may not be connected.

My guess is that popularity of VR will continue to rise. My own experience with the technology has left me amazed at the level of immersion and what is possible. Flight sims in VR are amazingly good. I can understand the attraction of social VR and because I believe God made us to be relational beings people will inevitably find connection wherever they can. The funny side of connection to people that you never “see” is a good theme in the film.

I actually found the ending of the film satisfying, I like the idea that life is about other people not money. That idea is handled well. Slightly too much swearing in my opinion for a 12A but worth a watch especially for the theme of friendship.

Two days a week where the internet is turned off… what do you think?



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