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  • Remembering Tim Keller

    Remembering Tim Keller

    I was reminded this morning in a review of the year of the death of Tim Keller. The news of Tim’s passing on May 19th this year left many in the Christian world feeling that a giant had left us. Keller, 72 at the time of his death, was one of the most influential Christian…

  • social Justice Fallacies

    social Justice Fallacies

    I really enjoyed this book for several reasons. Firstly there were many subjects discussed that I had never thought about. I had never connected the cost of transport with prosperous seaports and cities. You may wonder what this has to with social justice, I won’t spoil it for you except to say that many assumptions…

  • Linguistica Amicitia: Pi and Duolingo

    Linguistica Amicitia: Pi and Duolingo

    I never thought I’d find myself obsessed with Latin, but thanks to Duolingo and a little challenge from a book, here I am. I’ve always been intrigued by Latin, but never had the motivation to dive in… until now. Now, I’m determined to make this ancient language my new best friend.Duolingo has been a game-changer…