Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I’ve been flying in flight simulators forever. Well, not quite forever but for a very long time. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 was one of the first that I flew seriously but since then I’ve been onboard with pretty much every Microsoft Flight Sim that has come out. Of course things have changed. FS2 was pretty flat and uninspiring by today’s standards but it was a step up from some of the things I used to fly on the Amiga and the Spectrum before it.

Flightsim 2

Things got a lot better with Flightsim 5.1, there were lots more buildings and the insturments were much better.

MS Flightsim 5.1

MSFS 95, 2000, 2002 and then X all came along and things got better and better. I was then tempted over to X-Plane. I had flown X-Plane 9 and 10 but 11 was a stunning step forward and it really is my preferred flight simulator today.

X-Plane 11 with Orbx scenery

But Microsoft made a surprise announcement five days ago. After 13 years of nothing they are getting back into the flightsim world with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Just watch the video and try and remember this is a simulation and not the real thing. Impressive is the word that springs to mind and I have to say I am somewhat excited.


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