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This may strike you as somewhat of strange post but I’ve been thinking about my love of gadgets and what it is that drives it.

Since my earliest memories of TV are watching and loving Star Trek I confess that there may be a subconscious desire to possess a “tricorder” a sort of multi-function device that could help me analyse and understand the world. The idea that you could carry around a little computer that held vast quantities of data and sensors to “see” was very compelling.


Of course the huge slab of valves and gears that Mr Spock carried around has been blown into oblivion by the extraordinary technological advances in just my lifetime and my phone is thousands of times more powerful than the computers that sent men to the moon.


My phone allows me to write blogs, connect through Facebook, read thousands of books, take pictures, record HD video, listen to sermons, carry my entire music collection, watch movies, send texts, connect to a virtually infinite amount of information via the internet and most remarkable of all I can even make phone calls with it.

But still God has supplied me with a computer that is vastly more powerful has more sensitive input systems and is even self repairing. The human brain and our senses allow us to see and appreciate and interact with this amazing world He has made. Its not that I’m ungrateful for the advances in technology but I am aware that in my amazement for what we build I can forget just how amazing what God has built is.

Psalm 139:14 ESV
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.


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