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Sadly Mike Plant was away this morning so couldn’t give the second lecture on Calvin at the Teesocs Plus course. I had the dubious privilege of filling in and came across a great quote from Calvin on the heart that I thought I would share:

“Its like a man who thinks he has made a fox tame, if he lets it alone for even half a day it returns to its kind . Even so it is with us. We are so wild that although it may seem for a time that we are thoroughly brought home to God, and very well reformed; yet in just the turn of a hand it is all forgotten” – J Calvin
I think of friends who have started out following Christ, who have seemed really genuinely changed by the gospel and yet have turned away again and gone back to a lifestyle that denies. It all makes me all too aware of how quickly it can be all turned around. And not only in other people but in my own heart too; how I need Christ to keep control of my heart every moment.

Thoughts of Batman the Dark Knight and “Two-Face” spring to mind. A man who changes from a shining example of bravery and integrity to someone who turns completely the other way. Unlike Two-Face we return to our default position of rebelling against God and going our own way: “wild” in Calvin’s words, but like Two-Face the result is horrifying.


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  1. Very true.

    I was talking this morning to someone (can’t remember who!) about how it is just when we start feeling proud that we’ve finally got on top of a sin that it rears it’s ugly head again and we fall into it. That happens just all the time with me!

    Praise God that it’s all about grace and not about anything I’ve done!

  2. Lorna's Ark says:

    I agree its so hard to stop the wants in our own hearts ruling our lives even simple things like an extra 10mins watching telly, instead of reading and praying before bed when you are already tired and are giving God the end of the day. Why do I think it is ok for God to come 2nd, and thats on a “good” day, He is normally way down the list lucky to gain 10th place! Oh that God would wake up my lazy soul and change my empty heart so that it filled with Him and desire to follow!

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