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I’ve just finished one of the best books on apologetics I’ve read in a little while. “Gunning for God” is John Lennox’s response to some of the arguments put forward by the “new atheists” such as Richard Dawkins. I have no doubt that some will find the book utterly unconvincing but to my mind the […]
For years I have found the acrostic ACTS helpful in praying: A – Adoration C – Confession T – Thanksgiving S – Supplication I was taught it when I was young and it’s stuck with me as a sensible and balanced way to pray. But looking at it now I wonder if it’s a little […]
I’ve often thought, as I’ve read through Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening” book that he takes great care to bring as much encouragement to Christians as possible. It may be that the compiler or M&E picked particularly encouraging quotes from Spurgeon or it may be that it is a true reflection of the kind of ministry […]
Augustine the great Christian thinker from the 4th Century said “Pride is the beginning of sin”, John Ruskin a writer from the 18th Century said “In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes.” and just the other night when reading through the book of Daniel I came across this great word from […]
After much encouragement from a number of sources I’ve started reading The Trellis and the Vine, a book on discipleship by Marshall and Payne. It is an excellent read so far and as my friend Scott said “you will like it because it seems to be what you have tried to do”. It’s a nice […]
I’m currently enjoying a book by Fred Saunders called “Embracing the Trinity” and it is proving a stimulating read. The following is a quote from the introduction that acts as timely wakeup call to those of us in the evangelical parts of the church. The evangelical movement is booming, but often seems to be ten […]
I had a few more thoughts on discipleship that I wanted to get down on paper before they flittered away out of my sieve like brain. Firstly, who makes disciples? Perhaps the classic answer to this in some circles would be pastors or those in full time leadership with some theological training. I may be […]
This morning, while on holiday in rural Lincolnshire, we were treated to a sermon on discipleship. This got me thinking a bit about what it means to disciple people and what I’ve seen work both in my own experience and while watching others. It seems clear to me that Jesus expects his disciples to make […]
The Song of Solomon is one of the books of the Bible that lots of people really don’t know what to do with. At first glance it is a love poem between Solomon and one of his brides, and as such it’s intimate and at times surprisingly explicit. Recent sermons I have heard on the […]
I guess that Jude is one of those short letters in the New Testament that gets overlooked all the time. After all what could 25 verses have to say about our situation and our life, particularly when so much of it seems to be to do with obscure Jewish history? Yesterday John Piper’s weekly email […]
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