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It’s been a while since I’ve quoted anything from “The Valley of Vision” so I though some of you might find this prayer helpful. As always there is a very honest confession before God of our failures but also a wonderful dependence on God for help and forgiveness. Notice in the first paragraph how he […]
I have for a long time now found the book “Valley of Vision” a real help in my praying. Its a collection of some of the puritan prayers from 400 years ago. One of the things I love about the prayers is that they are real and honest; the puritans weren’t afraid to own up […]
Having spoken on prayer on Sunday I find myself in the middle of the week already struggling to get down to praying properly…again. And as usual it’s Satan’s well worn trick of telling me that God doesn’t love me because I’m too bad. What an encouragement to read Charles Spurgeon this morning talking about Ephesians […]
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