Am I random

The answer to the question “Am I random?” may well be yes. That is, some of you who know me well may consider me to be a bit scatterbrained and forgetful. But of course, that’s not really what I’m asking. I’m asking the question “am I the product of random combinations and blind chance?”

Biology is certainly not my speciality but at both school and college mathematics was something I enjoyed and did reasonably well at. This morning I read an article on the mathematics of random chance that I found really interesting. Whatever your view on the age of the earth and the evolution debate the article itself is fascinating as a mathematical argument. Have a look and let me know what you think.



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  1. Adrian T says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for that link. Personally I have always felt that the argument against the evolution of life from primordial soup etc based on statistical probability is a very convincing one and hard to refute. It does at least highlight that belief in evolution is just as much a position of faith as belief in divine creation, whatever some scientists try to argue to the contrary.

    It also graphically illustrates the willingness/ wilfulness of some to cling onto any belief other than belief in a creator. Of course, none of us can take credit for working these things out for ourselves. It takes the grace and power of God to open our eyes to see Him in the world around us.

    Every blessing in your service for the Lord brother,

  2. carrieb says:

    I used to say that God made me from all the left over bits he had lying around after making everyone else. But when I think of all the different ways my life could have gone and the fact it went the way it did leading me to where I am today I know its not from a combination of random chances.
    I always believe that God offers me a path and it’s my choice to take it, most of the time I do, if I don’t he always brings me back to the right path.
    If I were random then I am a pretty organised mess of randomness that has too many consequential links to one thing: God chose to make me who I am and place me where I am today. And I am always thankful for that.

    It’s through understanding and believing that you are a product of God’s predetermined creation, and that he chose to make you that you realise you HAVE to live your life to the full and really appreciate everything he has given you with that life.


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